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Łańcuchy pewag w Formule 1

Red Bull Showrun

16.01.2016 Kitzbühel, Austria

A Formula 1 car on a skiing slope is something of a rarity: However, at the spectacular Red Bull Showrun in Kitzbühel last week, 3,500 spectators witnessed precisely that – an RB7, the World Champion’s car from 2011, hurtling down the snow-covered mountain, equipped with snow chains from Austrian premium chain manufacturer pewag.

©Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool
Toro Rosso pilot Max Verstappen really stepped on the gas in the snowy terrain and ploughed through the snow confidently and powerfully. The pewag snow chains played a crucial part in making this spectacular event possible and were custom-made for the conditions of the day and the unusual tyre dimensions.

©Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool
pewag was chosen as the partner for this extraordinary feat because “we were able to provide outstanding quality and design for this extreme situation at short notice. The forces that apply here because of the acceleration and the high engine performance are hardly comparable with standard test situations”, explains Johann Berghold, development engineer at pewag.

In winter, high engine output and slippery roads can create dangerous driving situations. With the increasing trend towards sports-inspired vehicles, pewag snow chains ensure the highest possible level of traction and therefore safe driving fun on winter roads, in any situation. 

© pewag Schneeketten GmbH

The pewag servo sport, for instance, was developed with the specific goal of providing improved traction for vehicles with high engine and torque output and tight wheel cases. This innovative chain for stationary mounting requires a clearance of just 7 millimetres and delivers top traction and safety results as well as offering all the benefits of servo technology – fast mounting on the stationary vehicle, automatic tensioning, easy dismantling and high mileage.
Its outstanding product characteristics were also recognised at the most recent large-scale Austrian snow chain test as making it possible for sporty drivers to enjoy a safe and comfortable drive even in the most inclement weather conditions. 
Watch another amazing video showing Aksel Lund Svindal competing with Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing site.

If you were now to buy snow chains - which brand would you choose? There is only one correct answer - pewag! 

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