Hak do przyspawania AWHW

Welding for winners.

This high-strength hook is particularly well suited for welding onto excavator bucket, spreader beams etc. Its outstanding features include a die-forged, tempered safety catch, making it extrarobust. As the safety catch locks into the tip of the hook, it provides excellent protection against lateral shifting.

The product is manufactured according to EN 1677‑1 with a higher load capacity and comes with full operating and welding instructions. A CE-marking further emphasises the superior quality of this product. Replacing the SFGW-A safety catch set is easy and quick, without the need for special tools.

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Hak do przyspawania AWHW Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image AWHW 1,3 1.300 95 74 20 25 34 0,67
AWHW 3,8 3.800 132 106 26 35 40 1,40
AWHW 6,3 6.300 167 133 29 45 49 2,95
AWHW 10 10.000 175 136 29 50 49 4,02


AWHW 1,3


AWHW 3,8

AWHW 6,3