KPSW Clevis grab hook with safety catch

Safe shortening.

This standard shortening hook ensures optimal interaction between chain and hook thanks to the special design of the chain contact, providing extra protection from accidental chain release. Even when shortened, the load capacity is not reduced and the product is suitable for retrofitting. The clevis system makes it possible to link the chain to the hook quickly and easily, without the need for an additional connecting element. The coupling pin and the retaining pin are available as a KBSW spare parts set.

Thanks to its safety mechanism which prevents the accidental unhooking of the chain, this hook is also ideal for securing loads.

The safety set PSGW consists of bolt, spring and nut and is also available as a spare parts set. The clevis grab hook is manufactured according to EN 1677‑1 with the mechanical values for G10 and comes with CE-marking. As specified in the full operating manual, tip loading must be avoided and assembly must always be performed by a competent person to ensure safe usage. No special tools are required for assembling this product.

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Tabela specyfikacji

KPSW Clevis grab hook with safety catch Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image KPSW 7 1.900 63 57 9 9 0,48
KPSW 8 2.500 63 57 10 9 0,48
KPSW 10 4.000 78 71 12,50 12 0,93
KPSW 13 6.700 93 92 16 15 1,90
KPSW 16 10.000 115 113 20 19 3,55