Special Sub-Assembly TG

A sub-assembly that has more to offer: special sub-assembly TG is also able to handle 3- or 4-leg chain slings and is the right choice for rope lashings with thimbles and for adjusting shortening hooks.

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The KWB range does not just include conventional solutions. Individual lifting and load-handling requirements call for highly differentiated products down to the smallest detail. The special version of sub-assembly G was developed for this sort of specific requirement: exactly like the classic sub-assembly G, the model may be used to form 3- or 4-leg chains - in those cases where shortening hooks must be adjusted separately. Another popular area of application for the sub-assembly G, which complies with EN 1677‑4, are rope lashings with thimbles.

Tabela specyfikacji

Special Sub-Assembly TG Chain Diameter 4-leg
Code / Type e
Working Load Limit 0°-45°
Measurement Image 7 TG 07.8 280 160 95 2,14 3.150
8 TG 08.8 310 170 105 3,10 4.250
10 TG 10.8 350 190 110 5,21 7.000
13 TG 13.8 420 230 130 9,44 13.200
16 TG 16.8 505 275 150 17,04 20.500
For chain slings: Please refer to table maximum working load Limit and restrictions on use