Zaczep ślizgowy GBGV do łańcucha zrywkowego

The hardness test shows: under severe conditions that the pewag sliding shoe is no longer the weakest part in the chain. Thanks to its optimal design it ensures the chain protection. No reduction of the chain values compared to the normal sliding shoe. The chain can be hung on both sides – therefore a maximum safety for personal and equipment is guaranteed. Please tighten the nut only as far as the screw is still moveable.

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Tabela specyfikacji

Zaczep ślizgowy GBGV do łańcucha zrywkowego Code / Type tensile force
Measurement Image GBGV 7/8 6.000 34 20 153 16 0,61
GBGV 10 8.500 42 36 201 22 1,38
Please consider the safety instruction for proper use.