Portable electric chain cutting machine

Two sizes available

Cutting 10mm G10 chains in 1 step; 16mm G8 chains in 2 steps

Cutting 13mm G10 chains in 1 step; 22mm G8 chains in 2 steps

Is your company in chains' business?

If yes - you have to have this chain cutting machine!

KTC26 - standard chain cutting machine

With this machine one can cut chains of diameter up to 16mm (grade 8). Chains up to 10mm (grade 10) are cut with one step. 13mm (grade10) and 16mm (grade 8) chains are cut with two steps. 

KTC32 - larger chain cutting machine

Maximum chain diameter one can cut is 22mm (grade 8).

Chains with wire diameters up to 13mm can be cut in one step. Bigger chain sizes up to 22mm need to be cut in two steps.

Both machines are easy to operate. They are portable, electric powered.


If interested, please contact Product Manager:

Piotr Kwaczyński

+48 603 970 100