PLGWI Gamma inox

pewag winner profilift lifting point PLGWI Gamma inox.
Patented, rust-resistant comfort.

Naturally, the PLGW lifting point is also available in a corrosion-resistant version – as the PLGWI eyebolt, offering all the tried-and-tested pewag advantages: versatility when it comes to areas of application, accurately fitted measurements, optimised load capacities and unsurpassed ease-of-use. But the PLGWI offers even more than that:

The eyebolt is 360° rotatable, comes with an interchangeable special screw that is 100% crack-tested and marked with the load capacity and the thread size! An integrated sleeve protects the surface of the load. The batch number displayed on all load-bearing parts such as the eye and screws as well as the serial number make identification, traceability and performance of mandatory, regular inspections simpler than ever.

Additional benefits of the PLGW inox lifting point:

  • Extendable areas of application thanks to Duplex steel with heightened corrosion-resistance.
  • With the “Basic” version, the PRE/N value that determines the alloy composition and thus also the level of corrosionresistance lies at approx. 34.

PLGWI Supreme: tool-free assembly and disassembly
Latch in position 1: Latch is not in contact with the screw. (fig. PLGWI Supreme rotatable)

  • The latch is held in place with a patented spring.
  • The eyebolt is rotatable.

Latch in position 2: Latch is in contact with the screw. (fig. PLGWI Supreme disassembly)

  • The latch is held in place with a patented spring.
  • The eyebolt is not rotatable, i.e. the fastening torque is transmitted to the screw and thus the eyebolt can be (re-)assembled.

PLGWI basic:
A simplified alternative is the pewag PLGWI pewag winner profilift gamma inox basic. Offering the same benefits as the pewag PLGW supreme in terms of measurement, load capacity and application, the pewag PLGWI inox basic differs only when it comes to assembly.
This lifting point can be mounted hand tight using a standard Allen key then aligned in the load direction.
However, if the lifting point is to be utilised in a more permanent application the torque settings in the user manual must be observed.

For the “Supreme” version of the PLGWI lifting point, the name really says it all: Its tool-free assembly is patented and unique. The “Basic” version requires a hexagon Allen wrench for mounting and removal. The basic version is made exclusively from Duplex, with ring, screw and sleeve manufactured from 1.4462. In the “Supreme” version, the elements of the latching system are made from corrosionresistant material. Each eyebolt comes with an operating manual that contains detailed information on usage as well as a load capacity table categorised by lifting method, number of legs and angle of inclination, for easy reference whenever you need it.

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Tabela specyfikacji

Method of lifting icon 1-legs 0-angle icon 1-legs 90-angle icon 2-legs 0-angle icon 2-legs 90-angle icon 2-legs 0-45-angle icon 2-legs 45-60-angle icon 3+4-legs 0-45-angle icon 3+4-legs 45-60-angle icon 2-legs asymm-angle icon 3+4-legs asymm-angle
Number of legs 1 1 2 2 2 2 3+4 3+4 2 3+4
Angle of inclination 90° 90° 0‑45° 45‑60° 0‑45° 45‑60° asymm° asymm°
PLGWI Gamma inox Code / Type thread
fastening torque
load capacity
Measurement Image PLGWI 0,5 t M12 Simply tighten by hand 1.500 500 3.000 1.000 700 500 1.060 750 500 500
PLGWI 1 t M16 Simply tighten by hand 3.000 1.000 6.000 2.000 1.400 1.000 2.100 1.500 1.000 1.000
PLGWI 2 t M20 Simply tighten by hand 3.800 2.000 7.600 4.000 2.800 2.000 4.200 3.000 2.000 2.000
PLGWI Gamma inox Code / Type thread
load capacity
n max
Measurement Image PLGWI 0,5 t M12 500 30 55 12 30 59 30 18 160 8 0,23
PLGWI 1 t M16 1.000 35 64 14 35 67 35 24 160 10 0,36
PLGWI 2 t M20 2.000 40 72 17 40 80 45 30 160 12 0,60

Opis produktu

Permitted usage
For load capacities in the permitted directions of pull, please refer to the load capacity table.

  • Adjust the lifting point in the permitted load direction before loading.
  • Loadable with a 4-fold safety factor under break in all directions.

Non-permitted usage
During assembly, ensure that improper loading cannot arise due to any of the following factors

  • Direction of pull is obstructed.
  • Direction of pull is not within the indicated area.
  • Loading ring rests against edges or loads.
For additional details and information, please refer to the full operating manual.

Each lifting point comes with an individual serial number.

For detailed information such as method of lifting, number of legs, angle of inclination etc., please refer to the tables with the technical data.

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