RSPSW Load binder G10

Flexible tension.

This load binder for two-part lashing chain systems in accordance with EN 12195‑3 is intended for the ZKW lashing chain – the two are always used in conjunction.

The PSW shortening hook with safety catch is already assembled. Depending on the selected lever length (always take the STF value into account!), all sizes are also suitable for frictional lashing.

The lashing capacity is 25 % higher than for grade 8. As specified in the full operating manual, this load binder is not suitable for lifting or attaching loads. Thanks to the pre-mounted shortening hook, the RSPSW load binder may be positioned anywhere in the ZKW lashing chain.

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Tabela specyfikacji

RSPSW Load binder G10 Code / Type marking / stamping LC lashing capacity
STF Standard tension force
length closed L
length open L
Tension distance
Lever length l
Measurement Image RSPSW 8 1)  Type A 50 1.900 609 754 145 237 9 4,40
RSPSW 10 Type B 80 3.000 663 808 145 355 12 6,30
RSPSW 13 Type C 134 2.500 954 1.244 290 359 15 15,00
 1)  Also useable with a 7 mm chain. LC with 7 mm chain = 38kN!